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Laurie Speltz’s Creative Online Classroom

Laurie’s Creative Online Classroom conducts classes and workshops that can be viewed anytime from anywhere. The classroom is open 24/7 so you can work when you want to. The classroom never closes. It is a self-paced workshop. You work at your speed in the comfort of your own environment. There is no traveling to attend. You can view the videos and materials as many times as you like.

Our workshops are online classes meant to be enjoyed when and where you choose. Our Creative Classroom is intended to provide creative inspiration for use anytime from anywhere. It never closes. You may purchase/register for a class at anytime after registration opens.

The classrooms are password protected. You just need to register and then you will get the information to get going.

Workshop classes are presented in a blog format. The lessons and materials will be presented in a set number of days and posts. If it is a 5 day workshop, new materials will be presented each day for 5 days. Materials provided are listed for each workshop. They may include videos, photos and pdf’s to print out and keep. Lessons, instructions, patterns, detailed supply lists, templates and reference materials may be included for downloading. Workshop materials will be listed with each workshop class. Our class materials and videos are presented in English.

Each class has an open date when the classroom will open and materials will become available. Materials will not be available until that opening day. You can purchase online or you may call your order in by phone. Call us at 515-253-9881. Please remember that the opening dates are just when the materials start to become available. Participants will have unlimited access to their sessions once they are up. So it doesn't matter if you are out of town or have something else to do that week. You can begin your classes anytime after the opening date and all sessions of the workshop become open.  It is our intent to have all workshops up as long as the classroom is up and running.  If for some reason that is not possible, workshops will be online for a minimum of one year.  You will be notified before they come down and you will get a chance to get what you need. 

Once you have registered, you will then receive a confirmation and welcome email within 48 hours. On the opening day of class, you will then get an email with the protected password information and link for your class. If you are purchasing classes after their initial interactive/release week, you will be allowed immediate access to all materials upon entering and will receive the password and link with the email confirmation and welcome email.

Once in the classroom you have the freedom to work independently and view the materials at your own pace. Do as much or as little as you want at one time. You may move around the classroom and view the videos, still photos, step-by- step instructions, downloads and extra info as you wish. You have unlimited access so you may view videos as many times as you want, spend as much time as you would like and review as many times as you need. You have access to these materials for the lifetime of the course.

During release week, you are not required to enter at any specific time or at all. Just know that new materials and activities will be available each day of that week. To participate in any activities that week, you will need to post or comment by the given deadline date to be eligible for prizes, specials or to share in the galleries or discussion with your creations or comments.

*All materials including videos, photos, patterns, instructions are protected and copyrighted. We encourage you to enjoy them all and use them to death. You may not however share or sell any class materials you are provided. They are intended for the use of the person who has purchased this class. Just as you would need a ticket to attend a class or workshop in person; this works the same way. You may however create any of the handcrafted finished items presented for resale at craft or art shows. Any other commercial use of these items or materials is prohibited. If you have any questions, please contact us for more information or clarification.

*All class fees are non-refundable in most cases. If a technical problem occurs please contact us for assistance.

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