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Santa's Summer Workshop (SSW2021Canada)

Item - Santa's Summer Workshop 2021 Canada

Item# - SSW2021Canada


It's Laurie’s 2021 Santa’s Summer Workshop

 You are familiar with countdown activities where you open a "gift" each day of the countdown. Our countdown works in a similar manner. Starting September 7th large priority envelopes will be mailed with 12 sealed envelopes inside. Each envelope contains a pattern, instructions, color photo AND THE SURFACE. There are full online videos for each project. All the projects are NEW and have never been published. There are 12 ornaments being featured this summer. There will be also be EXCLUSIVE STENCILS included in the kit. 

Each day starting September 14th and ending September 25th a new project will be presented online. You can open the day's envelope at home, open your pattern and watch the video if you wish.  Your surface and stencils will be there. All you need to do is add paint.

NOTE: If your schedule does not allow you to work on this now, no problem.  You will be able to work at your own pace in the future and the videos will be there for you for up to one year. That gives you plenty of time to paint. If you are not into videos, you don't have to worry; you are getting all the printed materials, photos and surfaces for each project in the envelope. No downloading or printing needed. So if you are too busy now, don't worry you can start when your schedule permits. If you are an overachiever there is nothing I can do from stopping you from ripping into the envelopes ahead of time!!!!

It is easy to participate:

1.     Register online or give us a call to register.  The registration fee is just $80 which includes US priority shipping. The retail value is $140. Canadian registration is $100 due to higher priority shipping costs.  Early registrations(registration by August 8th) qualify for a bonus 13th project, surface and video.*

2.     Starting September 7th priority envelopes will be mailed to participants with the goodies. You will be given written instructions, addresses and codes for getting additional online materials in your packets.

3.     To participate during the "opening day" event, open your envelopes in numerical order. One per day. If you are not participating each day, you can join in anytime during or after the live event. You will be able to open any of the days in any order after the entire “grand opening” event is done. Online materials will go up in order, each morning at 9 am CDT. Once they are up, they will remain available for at least one year.  You have unlimited access.

So join us for this summer event! Packages will ship in the order they are received, so order early and get your materials first.  Early orders get a bonus project, surface and video.

 Remember you even get the surfaces and the stencils!

12 projects...12 surfaces... 12 patterns...12 videos.. and EXCLUSIVE stencils…

These are all NEW EXCLUSIVE designs...




Our first goal is to register by August 8th and you get a bonus 13th project and surface FREE. 

Orders will be filled in the order they are received so enroll early. 


Originally:  $160.00  
Sale Price:  $100.00  

Units:       Each

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