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Updated 10/19/20



"Crafters and Creatives Mean Business"

What is this?

  • A new online program to help people who want to make money by creating and selling products in the craft industry.  This is a monthly subscription program.

Why do you need this?

  • Need to replace events, conventions, craft show or classes that have been cancelled
  • You are uncertain how to get started or how to proceed 
  • Ready to move on and try something new
  • Need to increase or build an audience of buyers
  • Need to improve sales
  • Learn new technology and platforms
  • Improve and learn ways to create and market product
  • Looking for a way to make money
  • Need to use up inventory
  • Need to kickstart your holiday season
  • You need a push to get out of your box
  • Need to create multiple streams of income 

What do you sell?

  • Finished product
  • Painted items
  • Ceramics
  • Jewelry
  • Signs
  • SVG’s
  • Vinyl
  • Art kits
  • Unfinished pieces
  • Classes/Paint Parties

What is included

  • Lessons 
    • Marketing in 2020 online
    • Using online tools/online platforms to increase business
    • Creating your own accounts and build an audience
    • Modern Technology
    • -   How to expand and create new product/lines
    • -   Tips and Techniques for production painting and creating
    • -   Ideas for subscription boxes
    • -   Selling online
    • -   Getting camera ready
    • -   Putting together a game plan
    • -  Creating product
  • Critiques and small group discussions
  • Zoom and private Facebook group involvement/meetings
  • Opportunities
  • Virtual platforms to sell from
  • Access to buying and selling resources
  • Clip art access
  • and more.....

Click here to sign-up.  Discount for TEAMWORKS Members!

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Here is a link to a FREE pattern for my FACEBOOK LIVE project:  Thankful Heart Wreath

Click here for the pdf:  Thankful Heart Wreath Free Pattern

You can also go directly to my online classroom:

New Product is on the website

Check out the new patterns, stencils and stamps added to the site. 

They are in the NEW ITEM section.  

Our Mini Plaid Basecoat Stencils are back in stock - they have been a fan favorite!

They are so convenient and easy to use and store.

Just cut the sections apart on the scored lines and then store then on a binder ring.

Click here to get yours or learn more...

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NOTE:  You can still order a kit to work on.  This was our most popular set yet.  I am very happy with the results and variety of ornaments.

 Laurie’s 2019 Twelve Days of Christmas

You are familiar with countdown activities where you open a "gift" each day of the countdown. Our countdown works in a similar manner.  A large priority envelope will be mailed with 12 sealed envelopes inside. Each envelope contains a pattern, instructions, color photo AND THE SURFACE OR KIT. There are even videos for each project. All the projects are NEW and have never been published. They are all holiday ornaments this year and we have included some additional extras to help make it even easier to create the projects.  We are again including our EXCLUSIVE STENCILS that you are going to need to do the projects.  This has been a huge hit with our participants. Best yet, our price for the program has not gone up.

NOTE: If your schedule does not allow you to work on this now, no problem.  You will be able to work at your own pace in the future and the videos will be there for you for a minimum of one year. That gives you plenty of time to paint. If you are not into videos, you don't have to worry; you are getting all the printed materials, photos and surfaces for each project in the envelope. No downloading or printing needed. So if you are too busy now, don't worry you can start when your schedule permits. If you are an overachiever there is nothing I can do from stopping you from ripping into the envelopes ahead of time and paint!!!!  We keep all the designs secret so people can enjoy the event on their own timeline.

It is easy to participate:

1.     Register online or give us a call to register.  The registration fee is just $75 which includes US priority shipping. The retail value is over $145. Canadian registration is $93 due to higher priority shipping costs.  

 Remember you even get the surfaces and exclusive stencils

12 projects...12 surfaces... 12 patterns...12 videos…EXCLUSIVE stencils,,.

So join us for this holiday event that will be unprecedented! Packages will ship in the order they are received, so order early and get your materials first.

Click here for more information and to register 


Here is the FREE Pattern for the Target find Sleigh!  Can't find a sleigh?  Adapts easy to rectangle surfaces of your choice

Click here to download the pdf

Click here to watch the video on Facebook


Here is a FREE Pattern for our Target find sled.  Enjoy and have Fun!

Click to download the pdf

Click to watch the video on Facebook


Pine Craft Inc.& Smooth Cut Wood are now cutting all of the wood previously cut by Cabin Crafters

Pine Craft Inc. 503-653-8266 Website -
Smooth Cut Wood 888-982-9663 Website -

Orders is quick and easy. Just give them the Cabin Crafter's item# referenced in Laurie's pattern packet and books. They are continuing to use the same number

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Correction:  We found that there was missing artwork in the "Simple Duets 6"

Click here to download the artwork for the angels

There also was a mix-up on numbers of the new stencils:

The new stencils numbers in that book are:

Farmstand Basecoat Stencil is BCS304

Baking Goodies Basecoat Stencil is BCS305

Market Basecoat Stencil is BCS306



Foam Texture Stamps


Our Foam Texture Stamps are a HIT!  Learn new ways to use them and take care of them.

A new shipment of our best-selling Foam Texture Stamps just came in in time for us to have them ready for our fall and holiday season. 

You get 6 great patterns to work with in each set.  Colors of the foam may vary but the patterns are the same.  

Textures are BIG, BIG, BIG!  These are so great you will want to buy more than one set so you always have them available.

 Click for more info...

Free Video starts Saturday June 7, 2014.  

Click here for FREE VIDEO


To Register for Creative U Click Here


Watch a video - A Quick Tip From the Creative Coach

Click here 


Another video is ready for you...

Watch a "How To" Video

Learn about using Basecoat Stencils and Brushes



Click here to get to our blog with the FREE DIY Woodland Sled Pattern


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OOOOPs - Missing items from books

"Simple Duets 3" book Click here to get the missing instructions

"Simply Seasonal Favorites" book   Click here to get the missing instructions

Simply Seasonal Duets Click here to get those images.

Sorry for the inconvenience.




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